Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day, INDEED!

The Valentine's Day surprise started with an e-mail from Jonathan on Friday, February 13 that let me know the UPS man would be bringing a package, and I was not too look at the return label. The box arrived, and I left it outside.

Saturday morning, Christian and I were sitting together in bed when Jonathan walked in with two cards and placed them down before me ... with just a hint of a blue box sticking out from beneath the cards.

A blue in the shade of .... Tiffany Blue. I know this color well! :)

I stared down in disbelief. I was speechless (for once). Before me, for the first time ever, was a Tiffany & Co. box.

When I could finally speak, I think I said something like, "Just getting a little blue box from Tiffany is enough!" Ha ha!

Many years ago, Jonathan and I went to to Chicago and stayed at a hotel on Michigan Avenue, and our window looked down onto Tiffany & Co. I would look down at the storefront, wondering what treasures were inside. Jonathan finally took me inside and I admit to feeling uncomfortable ... as though I didn't even deserve to be inside the famed store. I felt every employee was judging me and thinking, "Lady, you can't even afford to LOOK in here ... now shoooo!"

Several years later, I now own my own little treasure from Tiffany & Co. :) Thanks, Honey!! :)

A little side note:
You may have seen the header graphic we had on our website for a few days prior to Valentine's Day. It certainly wasn't a hint to Jonathan ... I just thought it was a cute idea to change "Tiffany & Co." to "Lucero & Co."

Valentine's Day Bounty

We got up bright an early this morning to head to a nearby farmer's market, Tonopah Rob's. Below is our bounty ... tangelos, tomatos, eggs, grapefruit, dates, carrots, dill, and fresh banana bread, lettuce mix, and spinach. I just love living out here!

Not pictured: the uncooked buffalo roast (too graphic), the tasty breakfast burritos (too quickly into our tummies), the natural cleaning products (something's got to get me excited about cleaning), and one might tasty cherry brownie (it was simply amazing and is now digesting nicely).