Friday, April 1, 2011

Today's Temperature

It was a bit warm today, as you can see.

It is a little early for temps this high, and thankfully it starts cooling off tomorrow. And thankfully, the temps are still quite cool overnight.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Presenting ... "Christian the Preschooler."

This week was Christian's first week in the preschool class! He's left the two year old behind and now joins the three and four year old kids.

He didn't eat much for lunch this week ... and we had to work with him on going potty in a new room. But, he was a star and didn't have any potty accidents!

Each day after lunch, the kids gather in a circle and do show and tell. The teacher lets Christian go first, since we are leaving. He was pretty timid, but I made sure he bought something every day and then helped him show it to his friends.

Christian now gets to take his backpack to school each day, and he's very proud of that backpack that he can wheel around.

We are really looking forward to watching him learn and grow and become more confident around all those "big kids."

Here are some pictures from his first day. (click the photo to enlarge)