Friday, February 3, 2012

And then there's Bella ...

I have been remiss in sharing anything about Bella lately.  Sure, she's a dog ... but she was our first child, after all.  Those of you who have dogs know what I'm saying. :)

We live a block away from the mountains, and lately Christian and Jonathan have been hiking up the mountains together.  Bella even got to go along, and sat there admiring her accomplishment when she reached the top.

I'll be posting pics of Christian, too, from this hike.  But, I wanted to give Bella a shout-out.

So, how has Bella handled our newest addition to the family?  Just fine and dandy!  If she's in another room when Scarlett is crying, she comes running to investigate.

She's also been up on our bed a lot more since Scarlett came.  I think she's trying to get her scent everywhere so we know she's still around and still needs attention - ha ha!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Hairy and Chicken

Somehow, I just came across Christian's daily report from school for January 5th - the day before Scarlett was born.   I had a good giggle:

Memorable Moment:

Ms. Mandee:  "Christian, what rhymes with 'dairy'?"

Christian:  "'Hairy,' Miss Mandee!"

Ms. Mandee:  "Christian, is Mommy having her baby tomorrow?"

Christian, "Yes, she's coming out with Dr. Oland to have chicken!"
Ah ... my little comedian!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The "Big Baby"

We've not pulled out all of Christian's baby gear - the mini-gym (shown below above Christian), the bouncy seat and the swing

Fortunately, he doesn't remember these items ever being his, so he's not territorial about Scarlett using them.

However, Christian has told me, "Mommy, can I be a big baby?"  And then crawls into the min-gym and acts like he's a baby, too. :)  It is cute for the moment, but we'll see where this desire to be a "baby" like Scarlett takes him.  

This might be a "and so it begins" moment.

Wordless Wednesday - February 1, 2012