Sunday, August 19, 2012

Lil' Swimmers

Swimming lessons for the Lucero Kidletts is going great!

Today Christian flipped over from front to back, and then back to front all by himself (or so I thought. I was watching in the lane next to him when he did it, but he didn't get a ribbon.  So I'm wondering if she didn't help him a bit under the water).

He's still really enthusiastic and chatty during his lessons.  I get a lot of, "Hi Mommy!!!!" as he's waiting for his turn to go out with the instructor.

Scarlett was very smiley during her lesson this week.  She's often indifferent, so the smiles were fun.  She goes under water several times each week, and now we're letting go of our babies momentarily while they go under.  It was initially an uncomfortable feeling for me to do that, but she handles it well and she's only under momentarily.

Before putting her under, I say, "One, two, three ..." and then lift her up slightly and then submerge her.  She's caught onto what is going on and as I lift her, she makes a funny face and then crosses her arms across her face.  She knows exactly what's coming ... she's so smart! :)