Friday, April 8, 2011

Buzz Gets the Naughty Corner

Tonight, Christian surprised us - and made us giggle - when he took Buzz Light year, put him up against the wall, got down to Buzz's level and said,

"Buzz, I'm putting you in the naughty corner because you're hitting and not listening. THREE MINUTES!"

Hmmm ... I wonder where Christian has heard THAT dialog before. :)

So he walked away from Buzz and we sped time along and told Christian, "It's been three minutes. So, go tell Buzz, 'Buzz, I put you in the naughty corner because you were hitting and not listening. Now say you're sorry.' And when he says he's sorry, give him a hug, and tell Buzz you love him."

Christian went over to Buzz, got down to his level again and said, "Buzz, I put you in the naughty corner because you were hitting and not listening. THREE MORE MINUTES!!"

Ha ha ha!!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happy Birthday to Jonathan!

For Jonathan's birthday, Christian requested "a cake with lots of candles." Since it's just the three of us, I got small cake about the size and shape of a brick. And 44 candles. That's a lot of candles on such a small cake. Pretty much a lil' bonfire.

Christian thought it was pretty cool!

And I thought it was pretty hot as I lit all those candles and walked it over to the table. After Jonathan blew out the candles, we had to turn on the fan and open the windows so that the smoke detector didn't go off. Seriously! 44 candles create a lot of smoke when blown out.

Happy Birthday, Jonathan!
We love you!

Wordless Wednesday - April 6, 2011

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Founder's Day Festivities

Jonathan had to work today, so Christian and I headed to Verrado's annual Founder's Day Community Picnic. They had a bounce house there ... and guess where we spent most of our time?

Since Jonathan missed the festivities, we had a little picnic of our own when he got home. They weather was perfect, and nobody else was at the park. Gotta take advantage of this beautiful weather before it gets too hot.