Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Warriors

We scheduled our Realtor to visit with us about selling the house on Sunday at 5:00pm. Which meant that we were racing around the house until 4:45pm getting all of the packing clutter moved to the garage, getting walls painted, stuff cleaned up, etc.

The house looked very different at 4:45pm than when we started at 8:00am. And I was impressed with the the fruits our of labor.

So was our Realtor. She had no idea we'd been working hard all day long in preparation for her visit. She commented several times on how clean the house looked and how we've really kept it in good shape for the past 3+ years. She said it looked like a new house to her. WHEW!

She's coming back Wednesday evening after she's run the numbers to discuss how much we'll list it for. And she is hopeful that with our amazing views, the house will sell in 90 days. But only time will tell.

After she left and I could finally relax after a long, sweaty and exhausting day, I looked at our very clean ... very empty house. And at that moment, I realized what a beautiful home we have.

And soon it will be somebody else's home. Somebody else's dream ... *sigh*

But we're moving onto new dreams ... and new dreams are very exciting!