Sunday, December 6, 2009

Moving Day

Today is the big day ... we are MOVING! Jonathan and my sister's boyfriend have loaded the big stuff and and driving to the house right now. Christian is napping here with me and will surely be surprised when he wakes to find our house is empty of all furniture.

I was greeted by a visitor when I started moving things around. Thankfully, this scorpion made its way into a glass jar, was unable to escape (scorpions cannot crawl on glass), and DIED.

I am NOT fan of scorpions. We've had a bit of scorpion issue in this rental home, and I was stung earlier this year. It is not a pleasant experience, and I've been concerned about Christian getting stung. However, I am the only person in the household who had a chance encounter.

We paid to have our new house "sealed" and got a "scorpion intensive treatment" to ensure we wouldn't have scorpion issues there, too.

The scorpion is on a pad of pink sticky note pad, and so you can see it's a good-sized scorpion! EEEEEEEEEW!