Friday, September 17, 2010

Date Night!

Our last "Date Night" was all the way back in October 2009. So we were thrilled to learn Christian's school was having "Parent's Night Out" tonight.

Christian had a GREAT time at school tonight, and Jonathan and I enjoyed dinner and drinks at the Verrado Grille in our neighborhood. It was actually our first time to eat there.

We sat outside on the patio with lake, mountain and sunset views ... ahhh, it was perfect! Yet another of the many, many reasons why we love living here in Verrado!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Ella Fitzgerald

This morning I walked into Christian's room and said, "Good morning!"

And Christian replied, "Good morning! Watch Ella Fitzgerald!" (acutally, it was more like, "Watch Ehwah Isgerol"). I played Ella on TV, and Christian danced around, saying, "Look at that piano! Look at that saxaphone! Look at that cymbal! Look at Ella sing!"

After Muffin Monday this week, Jonathan and Christian stopped by a music store. It's a store that sells keyboards and teaches keyboarding classes. Jonathan learned the have classes for kids ages three and up. But the lady said that younger kids, like Christian, usually don't have much interest in music yet.

She put on a video that talked about their classes, and Christian was instantly focused, "Look at that music!" After watching Christian's unepected ethusiasm for a few minutes, she concluded he'd do quite well in a music class.

Afterwards, my men stopped off at a bookstore and Jonathan bought a DVD with a Count Basie Orchestra and Ella Fitzgerald performance from 1979.

They arrived back home and Jonathan put the DVD in the player, and Christian was soooo very excited to see people singing, and playing various instruments. He was completely focused on the video, so I assumed maybe that was the video he'd seen at the music store and this was his second time to view it.

Nope. It was his first time and he was completely absorbed. That's right, dear readers ... our two year old son loved watching a Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald performance.

For the past couple of days, he's asked to watch the DVD several times. Well, who am I to deny my son something as wonderful and classic as Count Basie and Ella Fitzgerald?

Jonathan wants to look into some sort of music class for Christian, and I agree 100%! For several weeks, he's had an interest in our insturments here at home (violin, guitar, and saxaphone). It's time to tap some of that interest (and potential talent!) and see where it takes him!