Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Search for Megaladon

As Christian makes sure everybody knows, a dead great white shark was recently found in the ocean.

Its internal temperature indicated it had been in the belly of a creature, rather than floating in the water.

What kind of creature would have a great white shark in its belly? I suggested to Christian that maybe, just maybe it was the extinct Megalodon shark. And that maybe it really isn't extinct.

Well, that renewed his interest in sharks!  Here he is seen digging for Megalodon teeth in our backyard. :)

The Front Teeth Make Their Appearance!

Christian's front teeth are finally growing in!  He wiggled them out much too early (it was at least before Halloween), and the dentist said it would be a while before they made their appearance.  And she was right ... at least nine months without front teeth!

But here they are!