Saturday, August 9, 2008

The Eleventh and a Half Hour

The plan was for Christian and I to fly to Phoenix today, but we still had too much to do. So we're flying out tomorrow.

Its been a long, tiring couple of days. Bedtime for us on Thursday and Friday night was around 2:00am. And, of course, Christian has been waking up earlier than usual so ... we're very sleep deprived.

Christian is all over the place, eager to discover the exciting treasures strewn about the house. Poor Bella is limping along with her gimp foot, and cone collar. And Jonathan and I are just busting our tails trying to get things done quickly when Christian is either content on his own, or taking a nap.

Our neighbors came over yesterday with lunch for us. We'd been feasting on chips, cookies and soft drinks all day (buh-bye to the weight I'd recently lost ... I'm sure its back now). So it was a welcomed site to have them come over with a home-cooked meal.


Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Eleventh Hour

By this time tomorrow, Christian and I will be at Jon and Valerie's in Bosque Farms in preparation for our flight to Phoenix on Saturday. And this nightmare called "packing and cleaning like crazy" will come to an end.

Until then ... tonight is an all nighter. There is much to be done around the house ... and we're stressed. Really stressed.

Our moving situation is compounded by learning today that Bella has a broken toe. Its in a cast of sorts for six weeks, and she has to wear one of those funny looking cone collars. Our poor girl ... but she seems to be in good spirits.

I took some pics today of our house for the realtor to post online. Once again, I am just amazed at our wonderful home, and so sad to be leaving it. Its going on the market tomorrow at a price well-below what it would have been priced in a thriving market. We're hoping the appealing price and amazing views will help to get our house sold quickly.

Please join us in bidding a fond farewell to our home:

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Christian Turns Nine Months Old

Christian is now nine months old and as cute as ever! He has two complete bottom teeth, and we expect the next two (on top) are soon to follow. Christian is now crawling all over the place, which adds some challenges to the moving process, as you might imagine. So the key to having a happy baby now is to give him plenty of room and interesting things to explore. He gets such a thrill out of his newfound mobility. Its sooo cute!

He now stands up nicely with minimal support from us, and will even walk backwards or forwrads a bit, depending on how we guide him (while we hold him, of course).

He has a very healthy appetite ... and shockingly so, at times!

On Friday, Jonathan was in Phoenix and I had things to do at the office, so our dear friend Carrie (and her daughter, Madison) took Christian for a few hours. That was the first time Christian has been left in the care of somebody other than us for any longer than a few minutes. Carrie is totally a kid person, and it sounds like Christian had a great time. So Carrie and Madison, we thank you for being Christian's first caretaker!