Friday, July 15, 2011

Vacation Bible School

This week, Christian and I went to Vacation Bible School at a nearby church. This particular church holds their VBS during the evening, so it worked out nicely for us.
The class had a lot of kids - way more than Christian is used to at school. So the full room, combined with the unfamiliar setting, made for a very clingy little boy.
I was thrilled when on the first night, he agreed to put on the costume for the centurion guard (the center picture).
Outside time was Christian's favorite time, although once he got a ball to himself, all he did was play with the ball alone. Every once in a while, he'd play with one of the little girl's, Bryn (lower left corner picture).
One our final day there, his teacher (Melissa, the woman who originally watched him before we moved to Verrado) went around the room asking the children what all they learned during the week. When she got to Christian, I didn't expect him to have answer. So I was very pleasantly surprised - and pleased - when he said, "Jesus."

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