Saturday, July 20, 2013

My First Cookie Decorating Class

Tonight Liz and I took "Cookie Boot Camp" to learn how to decorate cookies with "Royal Icing."  We had a really great time!
I'm really inspired by the woman who taught the class.  She is a stay-at-home mom with five kiddos.  Her husband lost her job, so she was looking for something to do to bring in extra money.  She now sells her creative, beautiful custom decorated cookies locally and on   Her husband has a job now, but she's continued with her cookie business.
And it is my good fortune that she also teaches these classes to whomever else wants to learn how to decorate cookies. 
Check her out at
Maybe Santa will bring me an awesome Kitchen-Aid mixer for Christmas (Santa, do you read my blog?).
I even made a shark cookie for Christian (lower right corner).  I had limited decorations, so it was the best I could do - a silver fin coming out of water.  But, Christian LOVED IT! :)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Christian Loses His Second Tooth

Christian has lost his second tooth!
It was loose, and he proudly kept wiggling it.  When I dropped him off at school I told him that if it fell out during class, he should give it to Miss Andrea.
I arrived to pick it up and Miss Andrea told me the story about how she noticed it was gone and asked him where it was.  For some reason, he SWALLOWED it.    Awwwwwwwwwwww!!!  I wanted to save it for his scrapbook that I will make one day. He can't explain why he swallowed it ... I guess it shall remain a mystery.
That's okay ... these things happen.  And he'll still get a note and a dollar from the Tooth Fairy! :)
He's now got another bottom tooth that is getting more loose ... stay tuned!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Christian Becomes an Octopus!

We are so proud to share that today, Christian was promoted to the next level of swimming lessons! He is now an Octopus!!

During today's lesson, I noticed the admin guy watching Christian swim the length of the pool, and write some things down. He then went to his station and wrote more down ... and I was getting excited!

A few minutes later, he came out to tell me Christian had been promoted. He is still working on one of his skills, but his instructor didn't want to hold him back. So next week, he starts with a new person ... this time, his instructor is a man. He's only had a male instructor one other time - when he was taking a makeup class a while back. And Christian did really well with him, so we'll see ... maybe it is even the same guy!

One of the things he'll learn as an Octopus is how to swim and simply move his head to the side to take a breath, rather than completely rolling onto his back as he has been taught.

We're so excited!!!