Friday, February 20, 2009

Our Thanks to Ashlee!

For several months my friend in Buckeye, Ashlee, has kindly offered to watch Christian for me. She has a little boy, Isaiah, who is one of the cutest kiddos you'll ever see and is just a couple of months younger than Christian. Ever since meeting Ashlee, I've been anxious for the boys to spend time together, but my work schedule keeps us at home and unable to go out and play. Today I had a Dr. appointment and Ashlee watched Christian for me.

Lately, Christian has only been in the care of other people when we go to church, but they've had to call us out of the service a couple of times becuase he was upset and inconsolable. So I wasn't sure how he'd do at Ashlee's house. I suspected he'd do okay, since it was just Ashlee and Isaiah, as opposed to an entire room of active toddlers at church.

As I started to leave, Christian was sitting on the floor and reached his hand up to me. I tried to fight the temptation to pick him up, but I couldn't. And I had to leave. So I picked him up, handed him to Ashlee ... and left. Thankfully my anxiety about making it to the doctor on time was greater than my anxiety about leaving my baby boy. And I knew Ashlee would take very good care of him.

Overall, Christian did just fine ... although, he got fussy every time Isaiah would touch him. Christian would sit in Ashlee's lap and read a book, but when Isaiah came near, Christian protested. I feel badly about that, because Isaiah just wanted to be with his Mommy ... and there was Chrsitian, flipping out whenever Isaiah got near.

Thank you, Ashlee, for watching Christian today!
And thank you, Isaiah, for sharing your Mommy! :)

Here are some pics of Christian and Isaiah from back in November.