Monday, September 7, 2009

Granny Comes For a Visit!

Granny (aka Jonathan's mom, Nora) blessed our household with a visit for a few days. I had to be in Albuquerque on Thursday and Friday for a meeting, so Granny came to take care of Christian while Jonathan worked.

Christian had a wonderful time with his beloved Granny ... and I know Granny had a wonderful time wtih her beloved Christian! And after I returned home Friday night, we all had a wonderful time together until she left us this morning (*sniffle sniffle*).

Granny taught Christian to drink from a straw, and to wipe his mouth when he eats! She also brought him a new Colorado Buffs shirt to wear on game day (it was a surprise for Jonathan!).

She also discovered the fruits of our labor with the "Your Baby Can Read" program. She laid out several of his word cards and would say (for example), "Christian, give me 'tiger'." And he'd give her the right card. "Give me hippopotamus." And he'd give her the right word. We have dozens of word cards, and he got it right every time. We've continued playing this game with him every night, and now he attempts to say the word ... it is so amazing to see!

He does the same thing with his alphabet blocks. "Christian, give me 'K'." And he'll scan the letters and hand us "K." And he'll do this for all his letters ... and try to say the letter, too (some letters he says very accurately!).

Remember: Christian is only 22 months old! :)

We just didn't know he was at a point where he could do these things ... and so we thank Granny for figuring it out! I'll have to get a video of these achievements and post them online.

We've also since discovered that he knows his numbers (1-10), colors and shapes! WOW!

Nora also taught me how to make tortillas (my past attempts have been pathetic), sopaipillas and chile. Liz came over and we both learned from Nora.

It was a wonderful few days for all of us, and we can't thank Granny enough for coming to visit!

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