Monday, November 16, 2009

"One ... two ... three ... four ... FIVE!"

As I mentioned, Christian knows his numbers 1 - 20. We show him "1, 2, 3, 4, 5" on our fingers a lot.

If we say, "one ..." He'll say, "two." If we say, "two," he'll say, "three" and so on up to 20.

And he knows his numbers visually. He'll point at a number - be it on TV, in a book, on a sign, and say the number. My favorite is "16" ... he says, "siss teen."

But, knowing numbers is different than knowing how to apply numbers in a tangible way. That understanding comes later on.

Or does it?

Today at breakfast, Christian was studying his plate of food ... in particular the pieces of pancake before him.

He looked at one piece, said, "One."

Pointed to another piece and said "Two."

Another piece, "Three."

The next piece, "Four."

The final piece, "Five." (which was actually the first piece he counted ... ha ha!).

Jonathan and I just sat there in silence ... amazed at our little boy! He looked to us for a reaction, and then we clapped for him and said, "YAY!" and Christian was pleased.

Wow, he counted in a tangible way!!! And he's only two weeks into being a TWO YEAR OLD!

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