Friday, February 26, 2010

Hospital de Los Luceros

Sickies Unite!

That is what I'm calling my boys - Jonathan and Christian - this week: sickies!

It all started earlier this week with Christian seemingly having allergies. But alas, there was a cough going around Christian's daycare and you guessed it ... he got it.

Then Jonathan got it and hasn't been feeling well all week (Jonathan even came home early and has been sleeping all afternoon). Both of my boys have been coughing and feverish at times. Unfortunately, there isn't much I can give my two year old. It is so awful to watch him go into coughing fits that upset him so much he's on the verge of crying. And it's heartbreaking to see him laying down on the couch, lacking all energy.

I'm convinced Motrin is a miracle drug. We've had to give Christian Motrin a couple of times this week to bring down his fever - and it works within minutes.

So far, I've remained healthy (depsite failing at teaching Christian how to cover his mouth when he coughs, which results in me getting coughed on way too many times) by:

1. Taking Airborne
2. Using Allergen Block
3. Using the neti pot my mother-in-law gave me (I get nasty allergies and she very kindly sent me a neti pot a while back. If you haven't tried using a neti pot, you should!)
4. Lots of hand sanitizer
5. Plenty of prayer between Jonathan and me asking God to let me stay healthy (because once Mommy gets sick ... that is bad news (as you mommies out there can attest to!).

To be honest, I feel "something" starting to come on. But I'm just too busy with work and taking care of my sick boys to get sick myself.

Better do another shot of "Airborne" ASAP!


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Stribet Kat said...

Prayers that your boys get well soon and that you don't succumb to whatever is going around.

I cannot use the neti pot as my ears become infected as well as the sinuses. Pity, it brought such relief until the infection hit! So now it's known in these parts as 'poor man's waterboarding'.

Certain that isn't PC.

Gentle Hugs and Chicken Soup :)