Thursday, March 18, 2010

New Orleans ... or "N'awlins" (as the Locals Say)

This week my company held a conference in downtown New Orleans. I had high hopes of getting out to see this city I'd never been to ... but no such luck. The most I got to see was our glorious hotel, and Bourbon Street.

Ever been to Bourbon Street? If not, let me tell you what you're missing: not much. It's just a long street with lots of bars and lots of drunkards roaming around .... highlighted with an occasional whiff of vomit. Not my kind of adventure.

The hotel, however, was a different story. It was the historic Roosevelt Hotel, and part of the Waldorf Astoria Collection (wow!). The hotel also houses the infamous "Blue Room" which hosted performers such as Louis Armstrong and Frank Sinatra "back in the day."
The food was FABULOUS! I tried food I'd never eaten before and absolutely loved most of it (except for the grilled oysters, which came highly recommended ... but just wasn't appealing to me).
And talk about "Southern Hospitality"! People in New Orleans are just so nice. Okay, okay ... so those people worked at a swanky hotel and get paid to be nice to guests. But there were times when I was able to visit with the ladies who came in to turn down my bed at night (talk about an odd luxury), or the guys who set up the buffet luncheon, etc. and I enjoyed their genuine kindness , warmth and passion for their town.
So here are a few random pics from the hotel. Okay, so it's weird to take a pic of the toilet paper roll ... but, well, I didn't get out much. :)

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