Thursday, August 12, 2010

Two Years Ago Today ...

Two years ago, today, we left the Land of Enchantment to make The Valley of the Sun our new home.

I somehow thought we'd be visiting Albuquerque / Santa Fe a lot. It's a relatively short drive, and an even shorter flight. But alas, I've only been back to Albuquerque twice since the movie, and not once have I returned to Santa Fe.

Ironically, I have no interest in returning to Santa Fe. Not because I didn't like Santa Fe. On the contrary, because I LOVE Santa Fe! I loved the city, loved our house, loved our view. I loved that our little Prince Charming was born in Santa Fe. In truth, it would just break my heart to visit Santa Fe. It would especially break my heart to drive past our former home. So I may end up avoiding Santa Fe forever.

I miss my friends. And I especially miss the view of the Sandia Mountains. Oh how I love those mountains:

But in the past two years, I've come to love living in the Phoenix area. I love our home and our community and Christian's new school. I love living in the country's fifth largest metro area - it means there's always something to do ... somewhere!

And I love the weather! Yes, it's unbearably hot during the summer and these 110+ days have become too numerous for my taste. It's crazy when I'm watching the 10:00pm news, and its still 104 outside. I will claim, as others do, that you just get used to the eat. Yes, it's true ... but getting used to it doesn't mean a 113 degree days is necessarily pleasant.

When I say I love the weather here, I mean overall. If you've ever been out here in the middle of the winter, you know what I'm talking about.

We're really enjoying our home and have completed lots of projects: three ceiling fans, three rooms painted (including my Tiffany Blue office and our newly-red kitchen!). If we can ever pick a green paint for our bedroom, we'll be painting that room, too. We've planted plants and trees and are in the process of planning what we're going to do to our big ol' backyard. I thrive on the planning and dreaming stage of a project!

Truth be told: I can't think of anywhere I'd rather live!

I was looking at some pics of how Christian looked two years ago. Awww, my baby!

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