Monday, November 22, 2010

Musical Muffin Monday - November 22, 2010

Today was another installment of "Muffin Monday Mommy Style," as Jonathan had to work today.

Our morning started off with breakfast at Mimi's. And then music school and then a visit to Barnes and Noble. Christian loves their kids' books section ... but Mommy forgot about their Wall o' Thomas (the train). Christian got really mad when I pried him away from the Thomas wall for a bathroom break ... and then really mad a bit later when I told him it was time to go (and without the two trains he so desperately wanted).

He cried and screamed as we walked through the store and it was terribly embarassing. But I just stayed calm and quiet as we made our way to the door (there was nothing I could possibly say to calm him down - except for buy him something, which wasn't going to happen).

We got outside and the fit continued. He plopped down onto the sidewalk and intentionally banged his forehead into the sidewalk and looked up for my reaction. I did my best to not give him a reaction, and told him I was going to keep on walking. Well, that made him really, really mad ... so, I decided it was simply time for us to get into the car and go home.

Ah, to be the parent of a three year old ... it's not always easy.

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