Wednesday, November 3, 2010

This Kid ...

. . . has a knack for making a big ol' mess.

I put Christian down for a nap in a clean, organized room each day (and each night at bedtime, for that matter). Lately, it's been taking him a long time to fall asleep at naptime (and some days, he does't fall asleep at all).

These days, I always hear some sort of raucous in his room during naptime, but I've learned that it is best for me to just leave him alone. If I open the door and he's sees me, it's all over ... he comes up with a whole list of things, "Read a book!" "Read Sneetches!" "Where's Thomas?" "Where's Bella?" "Take the boys to the track!" "Let's practice!"

His mattress is in two sections and he likes to take out the smaller section and play with the wood slats underneath the mattress (fortunately, they are connected by fabric bands so all he can do is slide them around and make noise). I wised up today and switched the larger portion around with the smaller portion ... and that at least kept his mattress on his bed for today (although, he did TRY to take out the mattress ... the bedding was lifted up).

The other day, he even managed to get his side railing off the bed (which has since been fixed).

It took him a long time to get to sleep today and so I peeked in on him after it was quite in there for a long time and found this disaster:

Geeze, it looks like a crime scene! See him in the bed with the black pillow over his head? And the sticker on his thigh ... looks like he found a sheet of stickers, too. I'm sure I'll find stickers all over the place when he wakes up later.

Welcome to three. The age of adventure, experimentation, resourcefulness and messiness.

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Melissa said...

That looks like Abigail's room too!! I told her to clean it the other day and told her she made her room ugly and her response was "It's not ugly! That's not fair!" I can't wait until the day I can tell her to clean her room and actually get somewhere :-)