Monday, December 13, 2010

Musical Muffin Monday - December 13, 2010

Christian's personality has been changing a lot lately. He's becoming more assertive with what he wants, and more irritable when he doesn't get what he wants (I'll discuss his recent habit of meltdowns in public and visits to the "naughty corner" in another post).

Christian's teacher at school is out on maternity leave, and one of his most favorite people in the whole world, Miss Stephanie, has taken over for the next few weeks. Miss Stephanie seems to be the only other person with whom Christian will share his affections. It took him months to get comfortable enough with her ... but it's so easy to love Miss Stephanie. She's fun, outgoing, loveable ... we're really big fans of Miss Stephanie.

But it seems that Christian is so comfortable with her that he's now being defiant when she asks him to do something. In the past, he never needed any "redirecting" at school and now ... well ... it's a whole other story.

Likewise, today at music school, Christian wasn't too into any of it. He wasn't paying attention ... wasn't doing as the teacher asked him to do. Jonathan tried to get him to engage, but Christian wasn't interested.

Christian was like this last week, too. And so we think that his music school days are coming to an end. The teacher is really nice, but she's very quiet and doesn't have an energetic personality ... and Christian needs somebody who is energetic like he is. So, we have decided we need to find him something more interactive to do on Monday mornings. Shouldn't be too hard, as there's lots to do in Phoenix. The difficulty will be finding something that is fairly close to our house.

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