Friday, August 12, 2011

The 5:00am Wakeup Call

There's no such thing as "sleeping in" at the Lucero Household.  Well, not unless you count waking up at 5:45pm as "sleeping in" (a rare treat).

It used to be that when Christian woke up in the morning (typically at a time much later than 5:00am), he's stay in his room and eventually call out to use while sitting in his doorway ... waiting patiently.

Then a few weeks ago, he started coming into our room with a loud, "RAH!" very early in the morning, and delighting so much in startling us, that it became a game for him.   After a few of those mornings, I just adjusted my own waking time so that at least he doesn't get a chance to scare me out of sleep!

With the sun rising later these days, its now dark when he comes in around 5:00am.  When it was light at that time, he was ready to HAVE FUN.   But with it being dark, I tell him its still nighttime, and we need to lay down and rest.  So he lays down beside me and we snuggle a bit before it gets light enough that he KNOWS its morning.   Having a few quiet, still moments with my usually very active little boy is a real treat!

Now, if only we could somehow convince Christian that its perfectly okay (and desirable) to sleep in on weekends past 5:45am.   Somehow, I don't think that's going to happen.

Good thing I'm a morning person! :)

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