Friday, August 26, 2011

Our Future Spelling Bee Champion

Christian's latest thing lately is SPELLING!  He'll look at a word - any word - and do this (for example):

"M - U - S - I - C spells music!"

The other day at school, he was playing with letter magnets and put three together, "M-O-M spells mom."  His teacher was most impressed.

Yesterday, the entire class was working together with the letter magnets and the kiddos were coming up with nonsense words and Christian told them, "That won't work ... its not correct."

Ha ha ha!  What a kid!

He reads everywhere he goes ... store signs, street signs ... and the problematic signs:  restaurants.  We'll be driving along and he'll read a restaurant sign out loud and then a moment later, "I'm HUNGRY!!!"

What's especially cool is to see Christian come across a new word ... and stare at if for a moment and either get it right ... or work it out phonetically.    Or sometimes he doesn't have the patience for getting it on his own and he'll say "What does that say?"  We tell him and from then on, he knows the word when he sees it.

Smarty pants!

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