Monday, September 12, 2011

Muffin Monday with Mommy - September 12, 2011

Jonathan had to work today, so I was in charge of Muffin Monday.

I thought a visit to a nearby library would excite Christian, given his love of books.  His interest got no further than the library lobby, which had an enitre display case devoted to Thomas the Tank Engine.  Christian was absolutely amazed!   I was able to coax him into the library itself, but his true interest was in that display case, so we didn't really get much library action afterall.

Afterwards, we were driving around looking for a place for breakfast to make the day a true "Muffin Monday."   Christian just about busted out of his car seat when he saw Barnes and Noble - perhaps one of his all-time favorite places to be.   I bought him a scone at the cafe there, but he was too excited about the books to actually sit and eat.  So he'd break off pieces for ME to eat to speed the process along.  "You all done, Mommy?" he lept asking me.

We weren't on a a particualr timeframe, so we stayed at B&N for quite some time ... and Christian really had a nice time.   A successful Muffin Monday! :)

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