Thursday, December 8, 2011

Another Lesson Learned: Monsters

I've come to realize that parenting is all about lessons learned.  Our most recent lesson learned:  monsters.

Christian loves Disney movies and so we recorded Monsters Inc. the other day after he caught a few minutes of it on TV by chance, and seemed really interested.

He does, indeed, like the movie ... but there are some scary parts - like when Boo is in the room when Scully is being really scary - and Boo goes running out in tears.   The movie shows monsters in bedrooms with sleeping children, monsters under the bed, etc.

So naturally, Christian is concerned that there may be monsters in his room, hiding under his bed.  Jonathan and I have both done what we can to tell Christian that monsters are pretend and just in a movie on TV and there are absolutely no monsters in his room, or in our house.

Fortunately, Christian isn't terrified, just concerned.  He continues to sleep through the night just fine, in the dark as always.   But we have to answer several questions about monsters before we can leave the room.  And that is fine - we'll spend as much time with him on the topic to ensure he feels safe.

Since Christian can read and see that Monsters Inc. is part of our DVR lineup, we've removed it so he can't request to watch the movie and be reminded of his concern over monsters.

Christian has got some big life changes in store for him in the next few weeks, and hopefully we can put this issue of monsters behind him before those changes take place.

Lesson learned:  no more monster movies, no matter how happy, funny and harmless they may seem to be.

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