Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Today's Visit to the Dentist

Twas that time of year once again:  another exciting trip to Christina's dentist.

We dread these visits.  Christian doesn't handle them well ... at all. He gets very upset from the moment we turn down the street the dentist's office is on.  And the cleaning and exam?  He's absolutely hysterical and has to be held down.  Each time, we desperately hope he'll do better ... and hope that the hygienist is extremely patient.

We have spent months periodically telling Christian about how nice "Dr. Kelly" is and how dentists are nice people who help keep our teeth clean and make them shiny, bright and white.  He's got it all committed to memory.

So when we pulled up and he didn't get upset, I was thrilled. I think he was even somewhat excited to show Dr. Kelly his teeth.

Christian was even okay in the waiting room.   And he was okay when the hygienist called us back.  He was even okay for the first few minutes hanging out in the exam area while we waited for her to get everything all set up.   But as the minutes passed, he started to get a bit anxious as he realized what was about to happen.

When the exam started, it was "business as usual."   He was absolutely hysterical and Jonathan had to hold him down and I tried to distract him.  He was screaming blood murder ... but for a few moments at a time, he'd calm down considerably, which was really surprising.

And then it was over.  And he was back to his happy, gregarious self.  He got to pick a toy and got a balloon ... and plenty of praise from us all for doing so well (relatively speaking).

The very good news is that he had no decay and no cavities.  We're always concerned we're not brushing well enough ... especially given Christian's obsession with applejuice.

Maybe, just maybe, he'll be even better at our next appointment in six months.   You never know!!

When we got home, Jonathan took Christian to "Main Street" for a muffin and to walk around (which is where the above picture was taken).    A well-deserved treat for our little lad!

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