Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012

We went to a "Valentine's Day Cookie Decorating Playdate" in our community and had a great time.  We were among the first people to arrive and Christian had to excercise a great deal of patience as we waited for other children to arrive and the decorating to begin.

As you can see, Christian went far beyond simple decorating.  He added an entire candy store to his special cookie.  And that doesn't include all of the candy he consumed in the process.

I look back with a sigh as I remember the days when we didn't give him candy - ever.  And now it is everywhere - school, playdates ... heck, even people at stores like to give him lollypops.  So I just gotta go with the flow.

Christian also enjoyed showing off his new baby sister!  He thinks she's awesome and wants everybody to know.

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