Wednesday, April 4, 2012

First Official Portrait Together

I had a dream.  My dream was that my children - dressed in carefully selected matching outfits - would take an amazing "first portrait."  I wanted a baby blue dress for Scarlett, and a Polo shirt for Christian that had some blue.   I found his shirt first, and when I couldn't find a blue dress for Scarlett, I bought a fluffy white dress with blue flowers across the waste.

The first thing Christian said to me that day, "I don't WANT my picture taken."  And he wasn't kidding.  He was truly upset at the idea.

Fortunately, somebody at school was able to get his picture taken care of while I got Scarlett ready.  And that picture turned out great (see post below).

But when it came to posing with Scarlett, Christian somehow got stage fright.  And the more the photographer tried to cajole Christian into posing with Scarlett, the more upset Christian got.  We were begging, pleading - BRIBING - Christian to just hold her for a moment.

But when his eyes filled with tears, and his voice cracked with a bit of panic, I knew we just need to leave him alone.

But one more attempt got us the picture above.   I didn't care for Scarlett's dress being fanned out that way, and I was irritated that Christian's face wasn't visible.

But when I step way from my "Type A" desires and see the picture in print, I think the picture is really charming.  Don't you? :)

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