Sunday, April 22, 2012

Sea Life Arizona Aquarium

We don't leave the West Valley too often, which is too bad because there's a lot to do in East Valley.

Today we ventured out to Sea Life Arizona in Tempe for the first time.  What a treat!  It's so cute and Christian was absolutely THRILLED to be there.   We got such a kick out of watching him get excited around every corner.

Christian's shark obsession is more than just an obsession - it is now a lifestyle.  We assumed his interest would wane ... but he's only become more interested as time goes by.  Not a day passes that he doesn't ask to see sharks on TV.  Not a day passes when he doesn't drag his big stuffed shark around the house ... just like other kiddos might carry a blanket or teddy everywhere they go.    We really would not be surprised if Christian becomes a marine biologist or a shark expert when he grows up.  Sure, it is a bit early to make that prediction ... but seriously, this kiddo loves sharks and the ocean.

I love this pic above.  He was SOOOOOO excited to see a shark in the tank
Somehow he appears to be half inside the tank.

Afterwards, we walked around the mall for a while and discovered a carousel! 
Christian loves carousels!

Enjoy a video ... and Christian's enthusiasm!

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