Friday, June 1, 2012

Our Little Tumbler

Earlier this year, we enrolled Christian in "Tumble Tots" - a weekly tumbling class - at his school.  Christian never talks to us about his tumbling class, even though I know he has a blast.  His teacher tells me he gets so excited when the coach comes to pick him up.   

I e-mailed the coach to see how Christian is doing and here's his reply:

Christian has been doing a fantastic job in tumbling and I'm surprised he isn't talking with you about it or showing you his moves. He is one of the most engaged students in the activities and he remembers
the names of the various skills each week. 

 He does an excellent somersault so he should be able to show you that. As far as the handsprings go, he has been doing them but it is a fairly new element and is difficult to show without the proper support equipment. Backbends will be starting this next week so we will see how he does with those. 

Again because of his excitement and engagement level I feel that he is very interested in the tumbling and I hope in the future he is able to take it home to show you.

Awwww ... I'm just so proud of Christian ... and curious as to why he's not telling us anything.  Though, he typically doesn't talk much about his day for some reason.

I wish I could see him in action in class.  But, I know if he were to see me, he'd just want to come sit with me.  And there's no way I can be sneaky about it because his friends will be sure to tell "Christian, your mom's here!!"

I've asked the coach for a list of moves Christian can show us.  Hopefully if we ask him to show us something specific, he will.  

Next up ... starting June 10th, Christian will be taking swimming lessons.  I've told him he'll be learning to swim like a shark, and so far he's very interested! :)

Then ... later in the month, Christian will be attending Vacation Bible School at our new church.  And this time, I will be dropping him off ... not staying with him as I did last year at a friend's church.

I love that Christian is now at an age where we can take him to do these things ... and encourage him to be independent.

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