Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Christian the Cubby

For several weeks, Christian has been going to "AWANA," which is an international, non-denominational Bible club for children.  His age group is called "Cubbies." 

He goes every Wednesday night for a couple of hours.  They have fun activities, games, snacks, etc.  The kids also get a book and each week, they memorize one Bible verse and periodically earn patches to put on their vests.  Memorizing verses is easy for Christian, since he can read and can visualize what he's memorizing, rather than just having somebody recite it for him over and over again.

Jonathan told me that before they entered the building tonight, Christian said, "Papa, you can go home now."  He's been doing the same thing to me at school when I drop him off.   Gone are the days when Christian was timid and needed to cling to Mommy and Papa.

We are just so proud of him!

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