Thursday, May 2, 2013

Christian's Spring 2013 Concert

Tonight was Christian's final concert at this school, and he did a great job!  They were supposed to dress in western attire - whatever they happened to already have.  All we had was a plaid shirt (thanks to Granny and Grandpa!  We sure are getting lots of use from this shirt:  his school pictures, his Easter outfit, and now Western attire for his concert!).
The audio isn't the best.  They sang "Home on the Range" and "Oh, Susanna!"
"Flat Stanley" joined us, too.   Our niece, Alexia, sent him to stay with us for a week.  We'll keep a journal of everything he does with us, and then send it to Alexia's teacher.

And, AND ... we found out that the school Christian will be attending in the fall is going to be building a campus RIGHT HERE in our community.   WOW!!  SOOO EXCITED to hear that news!

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