Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My First Summer of Freedom in Forever

For our readers who my not know, back in February, I lost my job of 16 years.  But it is okay ... really!  I absolutely love being home with my kiddos, and do not miss Corporate America one bit!   And this summer is the first time since 1989 that I haven't had a job during the summer to get in the way of fun. 

I love that we can get out and about and do whatever we want, whenever we want!  Well, kind of.  It's incredibly hot, so we're mostly limited to indoor activities - many of which are quite a drive from our home.  But we still find things to do.

We've gone to Chuck E. Cheese's for some fun!

Scarlett had her first merry-go-round ride and loved it!  She eventually reached out for me, and fell in the process and I had one heck of a time getting her as it kept going around.  But, I got her and she was fine.
And Scarlett had an ice cream cone for the first time!

We've been going over to Christian's friend's house for some swimming.  And I must say, it is a bit stressful, as I'm trying to watch both Christian and Scarlett.  But his friend's mom is there with us and is an excellent pair of second eyes and she's able to stay in the pool with the boys when I have to get out with Scarlett because she's had enough pool time.


We've gone to the mall and surprised Christian with pizza for lunch.
*Ahem* ... Christian will be getting a haircut very soon. :)
I'd like to thank Jonathan (and have done so personally numerous times) for giving me the gift of staying home with our kiddos.  Being a mom is my ultimate priority and I am blessed to have this amazing life!

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