Monday, July 1, 2013

A Visit to the Fire Station

Today we had a pre-arranged tour of our local fire station.  Given our local tragedy of 19 Hot Shot Firefighters dying in the line of duty last night, I wasn't too sure our own firefighters would be up for a large group of moms and kiddos.  But they were all awesome!
Despite the many visits they've paid to Christian's school and the numerous times Christian has sat in a fire truck, he was still very anxious when the fire fighter donned his full gear.  He kept insisting he wanted to go home.  I walked him over to another firefighter a few feet away, who wasn't in full gear, and explained that firefighters are nice people and if ever he sees a firefighter in our home, he needs to go with that firefighter.   This firefighter, who has kiddos close to Christian and Scarlett's age, was really great with Christian.
We were eventually able to get Christian to smile and got a couple of pics.

With all the media coverage, our visit to the fire station and the haze throughout the Valley that is a result of this fire, I have been thinking about those 19 firefighters all day.   Those firefighters - and all firefighters - are such heroes.  They choose their profession because they want to help people.  They accept the risks and so bravely do their job.  I wanted to give a hug to each firefighter I saw today. 
Please say a prayer for the firefighters' families, the community of Prescott, for the State of Arizona.  It is so very hot and dry here.  Fire season has only just begun. :(

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