Sunday, July 7, 2013

Hononring the Granite Mountain Hotshots

Today, along with Auntie Liz, we made our way to the procession for the 19 fallen Granite Mountain Hotshots.  It was a hot day, and the procession was delayed for quite some time.  But we felt it was important to honor these amazing heroes and take the opportunity to talk to Christian about the importance of fire fighters and the importance hope and believing in Jesus.
The procession route was long and up Interstate 17.  As we drove to our location along the route, we saw people starting to take their respective places along the route.  People were gathering along the side of the interstate, and on top of overpasses.  It choked me up a bit each time I saw somebody waving a flag or holding purple balloons (purple is the color of fallen fire fighters).
Our location was where the procession left Interstate 17 and headed west towards Prescott.  There were a lot of people where we were and it was so heartwarming to see all these people wanting to honor our heroes.

Auntie and Christian

Lone Fire Fighter Boot

Thankfully, Miss Scarlett slept in the air conditioned car for most of our wait.  It was much too hot for her to be outside with us.

As the procession arrived at our location, I was teary but made sure to hide it, as Christian gets very upset when Mommy is upset.  I took a few pics and then prayed with Christian, thanking God for these brave firefighters.  Christian understands the need for prayer and seems to find comfort from it when he's feeling frightened or uncertain.

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