Monday, August 19, 2013

Christian's First Day of Kindergarten

The big day finally arrived: 

Christian is a kindergartener!


Lately, he's got a thing for sticking is tongue out for pictures.
He's such a little boy these days.

Standing in front of his school, excited for the day to start!

Checking out his new classroom.

He asked if he wanted to color, and he actually did! 
(Sister wants to be in kindergarten, too!)

Saying goodbye!

They had a "Boo Hoo Brunch" in the gym and Scarlett found a ball to kick around.

Pickup after school.  We parents must stand outside the gate and hold up a card with our kiddo's name, and then they release the child to us.  Reminds me of an auction!
Kindergarten at this school is only a 1/2 day, Monday - Thursday (actually, all grades at this school are Monday - Thursday.  No Friday classes for anybody - ever).   Though he didn't have much to say about his first day, we know he had a good time.  He was all smiles when we picked him up!

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