Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week Two of Kindergarten

Christian has now completed two weeks of kindergarten!

It seems to be going well, because he's happy when I pick him up from school.  But he still doesn't say much about his day. 

He hasn't been going potty at school, so I have bribed him with an OtterPop.  If he goes potty at school, he gets an OtterPop when we get home.  I can tell if he's gone or not because his underwear gets a bit twisted when he pulls them up.

He's become a bit apprehensive about going into class by himself.  One day, he told me he was feeling nervous.  Scarlett has been particularly affectionate with Christian lately and reached up and gave him a kiss before he went to class.

One thing I'm wanting to address with his teacher is his reading assignments.  Each day, the students get to pick out a book to take home and read with their parents.  They are very short books, with one brief, super easy sentence per page.  Christian is an awesome reader, and gets through this book within seconds.  We are supposed to log the books he reads, so we've been reading books from home that are at his level and logging those.  I'm hoping doing so will clue his teacher into this reading level. 

Since all of our communication with her is via e-mail, I'm trying to think of a way I can be sure she knows Christian is way beyond a kindergarten reading level ... and yet, not sound boastful or like I'm suggesting Christian needs special consideration.  I've got some teacher friends I'm going to ask for suggestions from.

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