Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Can You Share?

As often happens, my children are having sharing problems. There is lots of competition for treasured toys, books, objects d'art, etc. Lots of screaming from Scarlett when she doesn't get what she wants, etc. 

Each day, my kiddos have to take something to the car with them. Christian has always been this way, and Scarlett has picked up on it. Today, she grabbed a tiara and held onto it for dear life. Christian had a Mickey Mouse hat which his is always very reluctant to surrender.

A few moments into our drive, I hear Scarlett sweetly say to Christian, "Can you share?" as she handed him her coveted tiara. He hadn't asked for it, and I didn't prompt her to share. She simply decided, on her own, to share her tiara.

For his part, Christian decided he could then share his Mickey Mouse hat with her. And that was the dialog for the drive: two siblings happily sharing over and over again.

And ... my work here is done (No, not really ... but I AM very pleased with my children's behavior this morning!). 

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