Friday, March 28, 2014

The New Table

To me, our home has always felt somewhat like a frat house.  We don't have much furniture - we don't have end tables, or coffee tables or shelves and arm chairs, etc.   We don't have much on the walls, either.

Since getting married, our tables have been an old, small set of blonde wood nesting tables that came from Jonathan's apartment.  The were all too small for the living room and just never looked right.

It took me years to find a table I like.  Years, I tell you.  We wanted something attractive, something unique and something indestructible.   Many tables out there have glass, and that is a "no" in our house.  I also didn't necessarily want wood, which could get scratched, dented, etc.  

I finally found the perfect table with brown iron base, with a shelf on the bottom and a lovely travertine top and it is HEAVY, so it won't budge when the kids will inevitably climb on it. We simply had to seal the travertine and VOILA!   A table we love, and a table we needed!   

Now we need to find the perfect lamp.  That might take another few years. :)  

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