Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cold Floor, Hot Water

 I remember the days when this six year old big kid was little kid.  I still see that little kid when he's sleeping.   Awwww ... just look at that face!
Tonight Christian got into some hot water when I stepped on a cold floor.   Huh?  What?   Let me explain.
I will set up the scene:
Christian and Scarlett love the iPad.  If Scarlett is playing with it, Christian asks to for his turn non-stop.  Seriously ... every few seconds, he asks when it is his turn.
Today I let him take it to his room to play with, since Scarlett had been in possession of it for a while.
This evening, I went into his room and stepped onto a cold, wet floor.   I asked him what spilled and he very matter-of-factly told me he'd peed on the carpet.
After a round of questions from this confused Mommy, I learned he needed to use the bathroom, but was too busy with the iPad to get up and use the toilet. 
Oh, I was livid and yet, somehow managed to control my reaction.  We called Jonathan on the phone, who handles these things WAY better than I do. 
Christian must have peed a lot into the carpet, because he can usually hold it for a long time.  And there all that pee sat - soaked into the carpet, soaked into the pad - for HOURS.  
Christian was concerned that I was mad at him and I explained I wasn't mad, but I was disappointed.  I informed him his carpet is going to start to stink, and his bedroom is going to stink.  We chatted some more about the situation, and I told him he cannot use the iPad for a week - period.  I told him to read three paper books in bed while I put Scarlett to bed ... and that there would be no iPad books tonight.  
After getting Scarlett to bed, I returned to find this precious little boy had fallen asleep while waiting for my return.    It is a good thing he's so darn tootin' cute and melts my heart when I see him like this.  And it helps to remind me that he is, in fact, still just a little boy who is figuring things out, like how to test his boundaries.  He's not a little adult ... he is still just a little boy who needs guidance and reassurance from his Mommy.

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