Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Christian is Never Getting Married. Ever.

There are times in which Christian is suddenly highly emotional.   For example, there have been many times when he is inconsolable when watching the scene in The Prince of Egypt where Moses' mother places him in the basket and sends him down the river.   

Today I discovered another emotional topic for Christian, which I suppose is somewhat related to his feelings about Moses and his mom:   the possibility that one day, Christian will get married and have children of his own.

I suggested that one day he'll meet a girl, fall in love with her, get married and have babies of their own.  And at first, he casually told me he didn't want to do that, but then the conversation suddenly turned very emotional for him.

He told me he liked his family now and never wanted a new family.  I explained that we'd always be his family, but that he can have another family of his own, too.  And somehow, that concept was really upsetting to him.   His eyes filled with tears as he hugged me and told me he never wanted to leave me.  And then he became inconsolable, and very loud.

I told him we are always his family - no matter what.  And that if he has babies, then I would be a grandmother.  But oooh ... he did not like that.  He doesn't want me to be anybody's grandmother ... he just wants me to be his Mommy. 

So precious!

He calmed down, and I tucked him in and put Scarlett to bed.  But I could hear him sobbing in his room, so I rushed to see what was wrong.   My poor boy was still upset at the fact of "leaving" his family in a few years.    I let him know that if he decides not to get married, that is okay ... but that decision won't happen for a long, long time.

Such a precious boy we have!   HUGE heart and love for his little family!

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