Monday, August 11, 2014

Our Strawberry, Arizona Adventure

After near six years of living in Phoenix, we decided it was time to escape the intense heat and head for the mountains.   Our adventure took us two hours away to Strawberry, Arizona.

We stayed at The Cabins on Strawberry Hill and had the best time!  The property and cabins are so nicely maintained and clean.  And the cabin had everything we needed.  And unlike Sedona where we had to leave our lodgings to have fun, we had all sorts of fun playing at the playground, the bonfire roasting marshmallows and going on a short hike.

The weather was wonderful:  warm during the day, cool at night.  Our last night there, we were treated to rain - lot of rain!  

It really was a beautiful location.  If you look at their website, you can see how amazing the place looks in the fall when the trees are changing color, and in the winter when it is covered with snow.  

Can't wait to go back!

View from the back of our cabin 

Another view from the back of our cabin

Scarlett grew tired of the hike. :(


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