Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Kiss

So I arrive to get Christian and his extended care teacher looks at me rather seriously and says, "I need to talk with you."

I was a bit confused. Sounded like he was in trouble.

She told me that she caught Christian and a little girl in class in a LIPLOCK.

I must confess ... I laughed! I thought it was funny! Nay, I thought it was HILARIOUS!!

She told me it wasn't just a peck ... that they were holding each other's faces and were enjoying the moment.

She told me that was a first - never happened in her class.

She had them stop, of course. And she commented, "They are only five!"

And I laughed, "Christian is actually almost 7. So he's an 'older man'."

I am so very amused by the situation. They are just lil' kids.

I hope her parents are as amused as I am! I hope tomorrow I won't be notified of a parent conference or something. 

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