Thursday, October 29, 2015

Our Sick Kiddo

Poor Christian has had a rough few weeks.  First there was his tonsillectomy in August, and a tough recovery for a few days.

Then after finding blood in his urine the other day, Jonathan took him to urgent care and we discovered Christian had a urinary tract infection (which is rare for boys).

On top of that, he's had a persistent cough for weeks that we assumed was because of allergies.   When we took him in for the UTI follow-up, I mentioned the cough.  Christian's doctor listened to his lungs, and sent him for a chest x-ray.   And we learned Christian has pneumonia ... and there is a concern that he might have asthma, too.

We felt terrible ... we really thought his cough was due to lingering allergies. 

He now has a rescue inhaler that we're supposed to use regularly until his cough subsides.   I wasn't sure how Christian would do with it ... but I am pleasantly surprised that he does well with using it.

Here he is getting his chest xray.  He thought it was really cool that there was a cross projected onto his back.   Silver lining. :)

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