Monday, November 2, 2015

Happy Birthday to Christian

Today, Christian turns the big EIGHT!   It has hard to believe so many years have passed since he first came into this world!!

These days, he's very much into Jack Skellington from a "Nightmare Before Christmas," Legos, and whatever is on TV (this boy LOVES TV with a passion).

His extracurricular are currently marital arts and swimming lessons.

He is very theatrical and has a fabulous memory - he often recites lines from movies with complete accuracy.

And he is a great big brother!   He is never mean to Scarlett ... never retaliates when she does something to him.   And when she is hurt or upset, Christian is right there to see what is troubling her.

Christian is full of compliments for others.  Out of the blue, he'll say, "Mommy, you're my favorite mom!"   Or, "Mommy, you're a really great baker!"   And even a simple, "Mommy, I love you!" comes out with such heartfelt love, that it melts my heart.

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