Monday, June 14, 2010


Two year old are just so "magical"! Their wonder and awe are so adorable to observe. And their ability to expand their languge skills is amazing! Lately Christian has really been a little chatterbox ... here are some of the things he's saying:
  • "I said please." Over the past few weeks, rather than simply saying please, he says, "I said please" when we prompt him to say the magic word.

  • "No, thank you." This phrase might be among my favorites. He'll say it when he's in a good mood, and even when he's in a bad mood ... or is frustrated. "Christian, do you want some more milk?" "No, thank you." "Christian, let's go take a bath!!" "No, thank you."

  • "I can't see." We're not too sure where he picked that one up ... but it is funny!

  • "Did you hear ... that sound?" He said that one out of the blue yesterday when he heard a loud truck outside.

  • "Water, sir." A little phrase Jonathan taught him at bathtime.

  • "Cheers!" He likes to "tink" glasses with Jonthan and say "Cheers!"

  • "Spell _______." Our little boy wonder is so amazing with words, letters, and numbers. Lately, he likes for us to spell words for him. Christian: "Spell diaper." Mommy: "Okay ... d - i - a - p - e = r." And he'll come up with several more words for me to spell. He'll also start trying to spell the word himself by coming up with various letters. Such a bright two year old!

  • "Yes! I found bubbles." He cracked me up the other day with this one. The bubbles were up on the counter and he got on his tippy toes and could finally see them. "Yes! I found bubbles!"

  • "Get some paper." Whenever even the smallest drop of liquid lands on Christian or is spilled elsewhere, Christian says, "Get some paper." We hand him a napkin or whatever, and he wipes up the liquid.

  • "Oh no!" This phrase is so funny becuase he uses it with a variety of enthusiasm levels and moods. It could be a very happy, "Oh no!" or a very frustrated, "Oh no!" Makes me giggle inside every time.

  • "Be nice!" Christian usually says this one when he's close to Bella, because he's heard us tell him many times, "Be nice to Bella!"

  • "Don't sing." Christian has finally caught on that his mommy has a bad signing voice (no American Idol aspirations for me ...). So sometimes when I sing, he very bluntly tells me, "Don't sing" and uses his hand to close my mouth.

  • "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ... dinosaur!" The "ohhhhhh" sound is like Darth Vader breathing in. When I'm holding Christian, he likes to have me open my mouth ... and then he makes the "ohhhh" sound and looks at my teeth and says, "Dinosaur!" I'm going to assume he gets that from a visitor they had at school who talked about dinosaurs ... maybe she showed them dinosaur teeth. Or maybe my teeth just look like dinosaurs to Chrsitian. Hard to say.
  • "Ummmm .... hmmmm ... _______" Christian will say something like, "Let's go to ... ummmm .... hmmm ... the park." Like he's totally thinking about what he wants to say. He must have somehow picked it up from Jonathan and/or me. It makes us giggle every time he does it. It's such an adult thing to do!
  • "One time!" As toddlers often do, Christian likes for us to read the same book to him over and over again (or, keeps bringing us books to read to delay his bedtime). So we'll say, "One time" when he brings us a book. And he now says it himself, with his index finger pointed upwards, "One time ..."

  • "Mommy!!!" One of my favorite moments of the day is picking Christian up from school. He's always sitting down eating his lunch and he sees me approach the window that looks into his classroom. I hear him squeal, "Mommy!" (which often startles his teacher) and I walk into the room and he's still sqealing, "Mommy" as he points to me and looks at his teacher. I think one of the most heartwarming things a mom can experience is having her child be so delighted and excited to see her.

Of course, that list isn't exhaustive ... just a few examples I could think of to share today. :)

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