Friday, June 18, 2010


"Nohpt" is Christian's new word that he came up with tonight. It is apparently his new word for "No." He must have heard one of us say "Nope" with an emphasized "p" at the end and though he heard a "t."

Christian, do you want any more dinner? "Nohpt."

Do you want any more milk? "Nohpt."

Do you want to take a bath? "Nohpt."

Do you want to say "Nohpt"? "Nohpt ... ... ... YES" (giggle giggle) He realized we were trying to trick him. Clever kid!

And again this morning,

Christian, let's go to school! "Nohpt!"

Don't you want to go see Miss Tiffany? "Nohpt."

Let's get in the car now. "Nohpt."

He cracks me up!

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