Sunday, August 29, 2010

Granny and Grandpa Come for Another Visit

Granny and Grandpa blessed us with another visit this weekend (their second visit this year). It is a really long drive between Denver and Phoenix, and they did it all in one day - wow!

It was an absolute delight to watch Christian visit with them for a few days. He's got two of the best grandparents any little boy could ask for!

Granny also blessed us with some of her excellent cooking (and a bunch of freshly-roasted green chile for our freezer!). For our family gathering this weekend, she made chile, Spanish rice and homemade sopaipillas. DELISH!

Thank you for coming, Granny and Grandpa! Thank you for the good times and all of the many goodies you brought us.

Next time, we'll gather at your house! :)

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