Saturday, September 4, 2010

And so it begins ... GO BUFFS!

College football season started today. Jonathan has been doing a countdown for months, so I wanted to make the say extra special.
I suprised Jonthan with a new Buffs cap, a new Buffs shirt and socks for Christian (and a shirt for me, too), Buffs streamers, a wall calendear with vintage Buffs program covers and a big ol' "Ralphie" magnet for the back of the car.

The best part of the day was watching Christian. He was so excited to see the game on the TV, and imitate his Papa when something exciting happened. "Go, go, go!" Jonathan would yell ... and Christain would repeat him, "Go, go go!!" Christian was dancing all over the living room and was giddy as could be.
And, happily ... the Buffs won!

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