Sunday, October 10, 2010

Enjoying a Nice Weekend

We Luceros had a nice weekend. We are so thankful the temps have finally cooled down!

On Saturday, Jonathan worked hard to "scalp" the lawn in preparation for planting the gorgous, lush green grass we dream off all summer. Sure, we had a green grass all summer, but that was Bermuda grass. Rye grass is the winter grass, and it's what dreams are made of. I've watched our community parks get scalped down to nothing in the past couple of weeks, only to start growing the rye grass in just a few short days.

While Jonathan worked on the yard, Christian and I headed for a park a few blocks away. We had a great time listening to music and dancing, looking at trees and butterflies, and Christian had a great time with his soccer ball.

Sunday, we went out for breakfast and ran some errands together. Christian is lots of fun to take out these days because he has a lot to say ... about everything. Sometimes he gets really excited and talks very loudly and so I need to remind him to use his inside voice when we're at a restaurant or cafe. He makes us laugh in the car, in the store, in the restaurant ... everywhere! He's so full of wonder and it's fun to look at the world from his perspective.

Enjoy a short video of Christian with his soccer ball!

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